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$1.47 / per serving


Puerh (Ripe)
Origin: Lancang, Yunnan, China


Our top quality aged ripe puerh is stone-pressed by hand in 2015 in the prime region of Lancang in the Yunnan province of China. This dark tea was named "Everlasting" for its enduring characteristic and deep aroma and flavor that builds and matures beautifully as the years go by. It's deep orange tea liquor, full-bodied texture on the palette, and a fragrance that is reminiscent of an ancient forest and moss, are signature properties of this poignant tea that can serve multiple infusions. With it's incredible antique value and ability to age well, this puerh is best savored slowly and graciously.

Everlasting 未央

Style of Production: Puerh (Ripe)
  • Aroma: woody & earthy
    Appearance: firmly compressed whole dark brown tea leaves with orange tips
    Liquor: clear and deep brown
    Taste: complex and full-bodied with bold notes of woodiness and earthiness, balanced with a smooth texture and a lingering sweet finish

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