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Celebrating Perseverance & Resilience

My Fellow Tea Patrons,

This past year felt like being jostled awake to find myself still living the same dark dream. We had big hopes to meet more tea enthusiasts at festivals and events, but that had come to an abrupt stop as we find ourselves staring at the cold reality that how we connect and share with our patrons, such as yourself, could never be the same.

We launched our brand at the San Francisco Tea Festival in October 2019. We were able to garner an ample amount of positive energy and feedback from a lovely group of people who genuinely care about what we do, which led us to several invitations and collaborations to showcase our offerings to a smaller but equally enthusiastic crowd; the responses we received were warm and keen. We felt elated as we prepared to reach more patrons to share the wonderful delights that we have cultivated from our tea journey around the world.

And then, a global crisis came crashing through.

Our humanity is challenged by age-old differences that is tearing our country apart.

Being an Asian American woman, it saddens me to see such negligence and disregard for the human life—lives that matter regardless of gender, ethnicity, and affiliations. While we do not wish to condemn those with a different point of view than our own, we want to make it known that we are committed to building an inclusive environment on all levels of our management.

We remain hopeful that the light at the end of the tunnel is imminent. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to create quiet, purposeful moments to reflect on our journey so far, which enabled us to define and focus on values that are core to our brand.

Harvest this year had been affected, but we were saved by the unexpected dry climates that permeated through the mountain regions, which delayed the production of teas. Rest assured, the quality of our pure, loose leaf teas remains exceptionally high if not more superior than the previous year.

We continue to strive to foster a community of tea lovers who approaches tea as a versatile art form, deviating from its stagnant, mundane conventions.

Moreover, we want to be your advocate—may it be finding your unique voice in a sea of noises, discovering what keeps you motivated during challenging times, or simply carving out a moment of peace from your hectic lives. We wish to become that one good thing that happens in your life on a daily basis.

My heart is full of gratitude for the love and support we had received. As Boon Tea turns one this month, we invite you to join the celebration by extending an exclusive offer of 15% off site-wide* until October 31, 2020.

May your day be filled with delightful teas and beautiful thoughts.

Yours Respectfully,

Betsy K.

Founder & Managing Director of Boon Tea

*Restrictions apply.


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