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Created for your one-of-a-kind and truly spectacular experience with tea as an art form. Each piece of work is a specimen to understanding worldly cultures and perspectives. We celebrate the beautiful designs and skillful craftsmanship of international artists seasonally, with the company of equally premium specialty teas in our Artisan Reserve collection (coming soon), sourced directly from expert tea masters.




For your purposeful moments, endear your senses with our collection of jewels from nature. We believe wellness and beauty stems from the habits that affect our inner workings, which is why our teas consist of a variety of flavors and characters that tailor to every need and taste bud. There is one bound for you.


Pair your exquisite teas with teawares from our Bloom Label collection.




Teas with a refined but familiar tastes and holistic benefits are the muse of this sophisticated selection. Perfect for any tea drinkers looking for wonderful flavors and a daily fix. It’s teatime somewhere in the world. Treat yourself to a cup of blessing. Complete the experience with teawares from our Blossom Collection.




Why choose only one flavor when you could taste multiple?


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