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tea offerings

A purveyor of small-batch, specialty loose-leaf teas, we source our ingredients directly from local farmers and producers, who are experts at identifying and developing varietals that burst with character and personality. Because we know how rare and important those moments of calm and peace means to you, we promise to treat our teas with the utmost care and dignity to ensure your satisfaction.



A curated collection of premium specialty teas, offering a spectacular experience with tea as an art form. Small batch and hand-selected by our founder for truly unique flavors and craftsmanship , this selection is bound to impress connoisseurs and novices alike.


Bloom label

Our selection is handpicked for exceptional taste and nuanced craftsmanship. For the tea connoisseurs and sommeliers, or those who appreciates a purposeful moment. Best brewed in its purest form.


blossom collection

A fine assemble of premium loose-leaf teas, perfect for everyday consumption. Versatile and unique flavors from around the world. Brew hot or cold.

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