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ARTISAN SERIES #1: Shin Kyung Hee

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

We have curated this new series of unique teawares with the purpose of celebrating beautiful designs and skillful craftsmanship handcrafted by artists with profound worldly perspectives and a deep understanding of cultural influence and representation.

Our first artist in the series is the wonderful Shin Kyung Hee, a South Korean artist who specialize in porcelain teaware with a signature style of pristine white designs accented with minimal cobalt glaze. Her incredible attention to detail is demonstrated through her immaculate carving technique of floral motifs on the surface of her work. As a true tea lover, Kyung Hee understands the ergonomics of what makes a teaware functional. Combine with her creativity and artistic sense, her body of work is truly exceptional, and would delight tea lovers and art collectors alike.

Specially made for Boon Tea, you can now own a very rare and unique piece of work that is both high in finesse and functionality. Her full collection can be found here.

If you are visiting South Korea this month, Kyung Hee is exhibiting her marvelous work at Gallery Min in Seoul until November 20, 2019.



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