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Puerh (Ripe)
Origin: Jingmai, Yunnan, China


This tantalizing ripe puerh is a form of dark tea that had gone through a series of fermentation  to yield a smooth cup of warmth that exudes earthy tones with a tinge of medjool dates sweetness. Aged for three years, comforting and mild-flavored, this is the perfect introduction to vintage tea cakes. Packaged in our custom-designed cotton wrapper and a resealable pouch to help retain your tea's optimal flavors.

Dark Stag 茶思

SKU: YN002-111TCB
Style of Production: Puerh (Ripe)
  • Aroma: earthy & sweet
    Appearance: pressed large dark brown leaves with some stalks
    Liquor: deep red with brown notes
    Taste: bold & robust earthiness with smooth texture

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