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Puerh (Raw)
Origin: Simao, Yunnan, China


A patronage to the historical trade route of puerh teas in the Yunnan province of China, this wonderful raw puerh was harvested from a relative new region known for being a clean source that produces tea with flavors that resembles the prestigious tea mountains in its surrounding area. Produced in Spring 2018, this tea is poised to become a Boon Tea favorite.

*We recommend allowing the tea to age for 2+ years before consuming for a smoother tasting cup of tea.

Silk Road 茶馬道

SKU: KT002R-111TCB
Style of Production: Puerh (Raw)
  • Aroma: floral with grassy notes
    Appearance: pressed large & long dark green leaves
    Liquor: dark ember hues
    Taste: fresh floral taste with a hint of ripe grape fragrance

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