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Puerh (Raw)
Origin: Bang Dong, Yunnan, China


Harvested in Spring 2019 from a small village in the Yunnan province of China called Bang Dong, this beautifully crafted raw puerh is a wonderfully fair introduction to an age-form of tea production. Yields a golden cup of delight with notes of chardonnay, orchid and honey, this delightful dark tea is one poised to impress.

Wild Doe 邦東

SKU: YN002R-111TCS
Style of Production: Puerh (Raw)
  • Aroma: floral laced with the scent of ripe green grapes
    Appearance: pressed large pale & dark green leaves
    Liquor: golden with green hues
    Taste: poignant orchid flavors with a sweet grapes finish

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