tea offerings

A purveyor of small-batch, specialty loose-leaf teas, we source our ingredients directly from local farmers and producers, who are experts at identifying and developing varietals that burst with character and personality. Because we know how rare and important those moments of calm and peace means to you, we promise to treat our teas with the utmost care and dignity to ensure your satisfaction.

For teas with heating properties that warms, soothes, and calms the body, mind, and soul.



A cozy swirl of tingly heat that begins in your abdomen and spreads to every corner of the body.



Restore vitality into your body, mind and spirit to keep you powering through the day.



For a sense of rejuvenation that brings positive momentum to your health.

For teas with cooling properties that refreshes, energizes, and invigorates the body, mind, and soul.



Instill wakefulness into your vibe and kickstart your body and mind.



Gently releases the grip of tension and offering a true sense of relaxation and bliss.



Quiet the mind and invite stillness into the body and spirit.