tea offerings

A purveyor of small-batch, specialty loose-leaf teas, we source our ingredients directly from local farmers and producers, who are experts at identifying and developing varietals that burst with character and personality. Because we know how rare and important those moments of calm and peace means to you, we promise to treat our teas with the utmost care and dignity to ensure your satisfaction.



Petite and accessible design with zip-lock function. For tasting your loose leaf tea in smaller quantities or on the go. Reusable.



Convenient design with tin-tie resealable function to keep flavors of your loose leaf tea pure. Reusable.




Simple elegant designs to accentuate the abundance of flavor and layers of aroma that is unique to each of these beautifully crafted single-origin loose leaf teas.



With the concept of an anthology in mind, British artist Stephanie Breeze created one-of-a-kind and aptly fitting illustrations that resonates with the teas' flavor profile and character, making this a truly unique and very special collection.



Beautifully designed tin canister to offer the best protection for your teas by minimizing the chances of the leaves reaching to air and moisture, and thus retaining its optimal flavors and benefits. Reusable.


pressed teas

Tea cakes and dragon pearls pressed and fashioned into unique shapes for convenience and storage. Packed in high quality, elegantly designed custom cotton wrappers. Perfect as gifts or personal indulgence.